Crash Burn Love by Bill LowenburgCrash Burn Love was published in 2005, culminating a ten-year personal project. The book was reviewed in Library Journal, featured in Popular Photography, London Telegraph, BBC Top Gear, and other international publications. PBS used an excerpt from one of the essays, “Demolition Derby: Past, Present, and Future,” on their Point of View website.

In 2013, Alyssa Coppleman, who edits the Behold photo blog on Slate.com, found a copy of Crash Burn Love in the Photo Eye Bookstore in New Mexico. She tracked me down and asked to publish a selection of photos on Behold. I love the way she sequenced the images.

Demolition Derbies: Chasing a Love That Crashes and Burns (16 photos)

I used a Mamiya C330 and a Mamiya M6, shooting on Tri-X and, later, Portra film. I made all of the contact sheets and work prints and the master prints for the book were made by Amanda Kniepkamp, Lyla Reno, Sarah Parker-Givens, and Michelle Szoka. Larry Fink provided frequent feedback and editing suggestions throughout the project, and was kind enough to write the Foreword.

Since 2005, I’ve continued to photograph at demolition derbies and at competitors’ garages and back yards. In recent years I’ve worked on a big series of abstract images. Crash Burn Love has also sneaked into my new novel, The Zorki Chronicles, which is set in a small town in the Pennsylvania coal region. Throughout the story, one of the supporting characters, Go-Go Bob Cookenbaker, works on a 1973 Plymouth Satellite called Crash Burn Love. Bob hopes to finally win the big Memorial Day Demo Derby at the Coal County Fair.

Crash Burn Love is available on Amazon.comPhoto Eye, and through the publisher, Back Street Books, a division of Lodima Press.