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Bill Lowenburg 2013

Jersey City 1955. Wrote first sentence, “A baby is born,” circa ’59. Beatles ’63. Summer of ’65 behind Iron Curtain (Czechoslovakia) and Italy. Michelangelo. Baseball no-hitter ’71. High school in a village with no stop lights. Basketball point guard. First job, assistant custodian. Time-Life Photography series. Muhammad Ali. Weight lifting. Hemingway. Mailer. Vonnegut. Europe. College. Quit college. Landscaper. College. Europe. Night shift A&P. Drug and alcohol caseworker. Law School: 3 days. Began writing short stories. Peru. Springsteen. Kerouac. Gary Snyder. Buddhism. Three-mile Island. Drove USA coast-to-coast solo 72 hours. Began teaching ’80. Einstein on the Beach. Married ’81. David Byrne. Lynda Barry. Poetry. Len Roberts. Vegan ’83. Modern Art. Boxing with Earnee Butler. Photography with Larry Fink. Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus.  New Body Electric project ’88-’94. R.E.M. Outsider Art. VW camper, Colorado, West coast, Canada. Morrissey. Clash. Photo documentary, demolition derby ’95 – present. Librarian. Photography instructor. 4N. Y2K. 9/11. Moved/restored Civil War era barn. Published Crash Burn Love ’05. Knee operation. India ’09. Opera. Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Twain. The Zorki Chronicles 2013.


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