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Bill Lowenburg, Crash Burn Love, Abstract SeriesAbstract Series — While photographing for Crash Burn Love, I’d always been interested in the possibilities for abstract images formed out of the wrecked metal, but I was too busy documenting various aspects of demolition derby. After the book was released, I continued to photograph, taking a different approach. I switched to a Nikon D200 with a 20mm lens, and again used off-camera flash. Going digital was helpful because I could see the results immediately and make adjustments. For the past two seasons I’ve also used my iPhone. Click here to see a selection of the abstract images.

Bill Lowenburg, Crash Burn Love, PortraitsWest End Fair Portraits — After several years away from the demo derby scene, I returned to my favorite venue, the West End Fair, in Gilbert, PA. The fairgrounds are located about a mile from where I grew up and are where the Crash Burn Love project began.  I brought one of my favorite cameras, the Mamiya M6, which I had used for about half of the photos in the book. This time I shot on color film, Kodak Portra, in daylight. Click here to see additional portraits.



4C Crash_Burn_Love_p2-1BBC Top Gear did a multi-page spread on Crash Burn Love. The images at left are low-res mock-ups, which are pretty close to the final versions in the magazine. (Click on for bigger view) The captions, however,  are not the ones that appeared in print. These were inserted by the designers as they were fooling around in the studio while having tea. I like the British humor.

4C Crash_Burn_Love_p2-2


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